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More fun in NYC!!!

Well, last night we went downtown to Times Square and ate some Chinese food. I adore these pork bun things that I kept ordering while we were waiting for Jami's friend. Delicious little things they were. I got my NY cheesecake so I was very happy! I love cheesecake.

Today I while Jami and her roommates were gone, I went to Soho. It's a nice little train ride downtown. It has tons of shopping...of course nothing I can personally afford, but that's all good. I found this lovely art store. Rows and rows of pastels, paints, pens, markers, pencils, and sketchpads...it was heaven. It's very close to NYU so there were lots of art students there. I bought some stuff becuase I can't resist. Because of that spending, I had to put off buying this lovely pair of shoes around the corner from there. All good though, need money in Toronto.

Speaking of...just got a call and they cancelled my flight so I have to take an earlier one. Upset since Jami was supposed to be on that one. Now we have to figure out what to do. Ouch. Very upset.

Well, more later from Canada.

PS...my icon is Carmen from the LWord...so in love. :)
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