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My hooha is all a flutter...

Jami and her family here are wonderful hosts...I am having a fabu time...this is turning into a travel journal for the rest of the week. Seriously, up to the minute, play-by-play action. Well, let's see...I adore SUSHI....and we ate some seriously good stuff last night. I have no idea where we were and I couldn't take you there again, but it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Then we went to a coffeeshop in Chelsea. I have noticed that a lot of places in NYC have good atmosphere. I am loving that. Good vibes from the peoples around me. I got a Chai Latte that was way too hot until I put some ice in it...then it was yummy. We had a nice conversation and proceeded to freak the guy out next to us with some of our vulgar topics involving a horse :)....Nah...really don't think he was scared...he was probably entertained...Jami and her family (Bobby and Bradley) are wonderfully entertaining. I ♥ them! Then we went to a movie called Bride and Prejudice which was hilarious....we are talking I almost peed my pants. I had never heard of it, but loved it. It's a romantic-comedy musical. I'll own it when I can buy it one day. Then we went home. Very nice relaxing evening. I am seriously loving this place...I'm sure that is 99.9% due to the wonderful people that are hosting me. I can't say enough about them seriously. Muah Jamikin!!!!
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