kb21 (kb21) wrote,

Dallas vs. Atlanta

I always get lost in Dallas.  Seriously, there are about 1000 roads.  I always seem to end up on a toll road that costs $1.50 per pass (there always seem to be more than one...perhpas I'm actually going in a circle).  I'm frantically scraping through the car and my purse for change.  Fun.  The traffic is significantly less though. Probably because everyone takes back roads everywhere anyway.  This is probably due to the insane toll fee.  Whatever.

What I do love about Dallas is the logic of the airport.  Pretty simple.  You walk off the plane, out of the circular door, pick up your luggage, and walk out side.  From the plane to outside is about 3 min if that.  The only hold up is waiting for luggage which doesn't take too long as it's all right on the other side of the glass.  Of course, once you have your luggage, there is a convient parking area in front of  the terminal so that people can retreive passengers easier.  It has about 50 spaces per each entrance and it's never full.  Hence, there is never a heavy flow of traffic right outside of the entrance.  Atlanta has a horrible set up (pretty sad to be one of the busiest airports anywhere).  You get off a plane, walk 10 miles to get to an escalator which takes you down to the pit, then ride a train for another 10 miles.  Then you go up another escalator which looks about 5 miles long only to find there are only two places you can go to get your luggage, north terminal or south terminal.  So you find the terminal (determined by the airline you used) and then look on a massive message board (that displays about 200 flights...no joke) to find which of the 800 carosels on that side your luggages will come to.  Of course there are 25 other flights using the same carosel of course.  Once you get to the carosel, you wait 45 min (sometimes longer) for your bags to come.  By the time they do, you've already convinced yourself that they've lost your luggage.  Then you go outside and wait for your ride who has already circled around 42 times waiting for you.  Each time, he/she has navigated what seems like traffic on the downtown connector at 5:30 on a work day.  You have precisely two seconds to get into the car before the Atlanta PD start honking uncontrollably for you to move the fuck on. I'm afraid that if you stayed for about 2 min more, they might hold you at gunpoint.  Whatever, it's crazy. 
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