kb21 (kb21) wrote,

bye bye lions...

Today we say good-bye to the three lions...England! It was such a brutal game. It was very physical and there were people getting stepped on, head butted, and shoved to high hell. It went into overtime which also ended in a tie. Then there was the pental kick shoot out. There's no worse way to win a game. Just a shooter and the goalie. I couldn't watch it. I hate those things. Well, England lost 1 PK to 3. :( :( :( So sad. They were crying. I had tears. I felt so bad. Rooney was sent off for stepping on some guy's balls so England was playing 10 on their side for a lot of the game.

Oh well, England gave a good fight and we'll see what happens in four years. I do believe this is Beckham's last World Cup, but he's a good player and I'll always love him. Rooney, Gerard, Lampard, Rio, and Cole are still young so I can't wait to watch again in 2010.

Next year it's the women's tournament. No Mia Hamm...aye...but I guess I'm still a US fan for the women's side.

I ♥ you England!
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