kb21 (kb21) wrote,

Knee Injury Day

I have had a lot of time to sit on the couch and watch movies, draw, play on the Internet, and read. I'm over it. I want to get in my car and drive away...oh wait, even if I could my fucking car is at Erin's house. I really want the CDs that are in it. Oh well, I'll get it soon. Anyway, let's recap the day. :)

I called back a potential job offer and talked to the man for about 20 min and he offered me an interview on Friday. Shit! I don't know where my interview clothes are (remember a lot of my shit is still in boxes..I don't want to get to comfortable here) and I only have black heels. I can't wear heels w/ the knee injury so I need to shop. I hope I can be well enough to put some pressure on my right leg for my interview. I'm not sure they'd be thrilled about hiring with an injury. I really want this job.

I then took a bath...that's always interesting to get in and out of the tub. Good thing I've done this before and now have trade secrets for dealing with the battle.

I drew some horses and dragons...yeah odd combo, but whatever, I was bored. I drew flowers and faeries yesterday so I mean really. I then read. Since yesterday I have finished season 1 of Desparate Housewives which I thought would suck, but now I love it. I completed season 2 up to the last episode. I have watched the following movies: Saved, Garden State, Can't Buy Me Love, Underworld, Rat Race, Tomb Raider, Sweet Home Alabama, and A Home At the End of the World. Nice right.

Tomorrow is another day. :)
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