kb21 (kb21) wrote,

My lj is now friends locked. My ex-boyfriend told my mother everything about my life. My ex is my ex because we don't get along at all. I can't believe it has come to this. My mother found out I had a girlfriend and for obvious reasons she doesn't like it. My ex went beserk and told my entire family that I was a lesbian which I'm not. I'm bi and have been for a good long while. I never told them for obvious reasons...hum like this one. Anyway, he gave out my lj address so now my mom can read my entire life's shit. Nice, I can't believe that. My parents are now worried about me. That's just great. I don't care...I can stand on my own two damn feet and I really don't need anyone...I don't trust anyone anyway...never have (except my dad) and never will.....So...flist you can still read, the rest can just wonder. :)
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